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ScalarBar File Reference
#include <osgSim/Export>
#include <osgSim/ColorRange>
#include <osg/Geode>
#include <string>


class  osgSim::ScalarBar
 A ScalarBar is an osg::Geode to render a colored bar representing a range of scalars. More...
struct  osgSim::ScalarBar::ScalarPrinter
 Users may provide their own ScalarPrinter by deriving from this base class and overriding the printScalar() method. More...
struct  osgSim::ScalarBar::TextProperties
 TextProperties allows users to specify a number of properties for the text used to display the labels & title on the ScalarBar. More...


 The osgSim library is a NodeKit that extends the core scene graph to support nodes and drawables that specific to the visual simulation, such a navigational light point support and OpenFlight style degrees of freedom transform.



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