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Layer File Reference
#include <osg/Image>
#include <osg/TransferFunction>
#include <osgVolume/Locator>
#include <osgVolume/Property>


class  osgVolume::ImageDetails
 Data strucutre for passing details about the loading imagery on to osgVolume for use when setting up dimensions etc. More...
class  osgVolume::Layer
 Base class for representing a single layer of volume data. More...
class  osgVolume::ImageLayer
class  osgVolume::CompositeLayer
struct  osgVolume::CompositeLayer::NameLayer


 The osgVolume library is a NodeKit that extends the core scene graph to support volume rendering.




OSGVOLUME_EXPORT osg::ImageosgVolume::createNormalMapTexture (osg::Image *image_3d)
 Compute a 3d image that represent the normal map of the specified 3d image. More...
OSGVOLUME_EXPORT osg::ImageosgVolume::applyTransferFunction (osg::Image *image, osg::TransferFunction1D *transferFunction)
 Create an image that has a transfer function applied specified Image. More...

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