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TerrainTile File Reference
#include <osg/Group>
#include <osg/CoordinateSystemNode>
#include <osgDB/ReaderWriter>
#include <osgTerrain/TerrainTechnique>
#include <osgTerrain/Layer>
#include <osgTerrain/Locator>


class  osgTerrain::TileID
class  osgTerrain::TerrainTile
 Terrain provides a framework for loosely coupling height field data with height rendering algorithms. More...
struct  osgTerrain::TerrainTile::TileLoadedCallback
 Callback for post processing loaded TerrainTile, and for filling in missing elements such as external external imagery. More...
class  osgTerrain::WhiteListTileLoadedCallback
 Helper callback for managing optional sets of layers, that loading of is deffered to this callback, with this callback working out which layers to load, and how to create fallback versions of the layers. More...


 The osgTerrain library is a NodeKit that provides geospecifc terrain rendering support.



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