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IntersectionVisitor File Reference
#include <osg/NodeVisitor>
#include <osg/Drawable>
#include <osgUtil/Export>
#include <list>


class  osgUtil::Intersector
 Pure virtual base class for implementing custom intersection technique. More...
class  osgUtil::IntersectorGroup
 Concrete class for passing multiple intersectors through the scene graph. More...
class  osgUtil::IntersectionVisitor
 IntersectionVisitor is used to testing for intersections with the scene, traversing the scene using generic osgUtil::Intersector's to test against the scene. More...
struct  osgUtil::IntersectionVisitor::ReadCallback
 Callback used to implement the reading of external files, allowing support for paged databases to be integrated with IntersectionVisitor. More...


 The osgUtil library provides general purpose utility classes such as update, cull and draw traverses, scene graph operators such a scene graph optimisation, tri stripping, and tessellation.



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