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ViewerEventHandlers File Reference
#include <osg/AnimationPath>
#include <osgText/Text>
#include <osgGA/GUIEventHandler>
#include <osgGA/AnimationPathManipulator>
#include <osgViewer/GraphicsWindow>
#include <osgViewer/Viewer>
#include <osgDB/fstream>


class  osgViewer::HelpHandler
 Event handler for adding on screen help to Viewers. More...
class  osgViewer::StatsHandler
 Event handler for adding on screen stats reporting to Viewers. More...
struct  osgViewer::StatsHandler::UserStatsLine
class  osgViewer::WindowSizeHandler
 Event handler allowing to change the screen resolution (in windowed mode) and toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode. More...
class  osgViewer::ThreadingHandler
 Event handler allowing to change the viewer threading model. More...
class  osgViewer::RecordCameraPathHandler
 Event handler allowing the user to record the animation "path" of a camera. More...
class  osgViewer::LODScaleHandler
 Event handler for increase/decreasing LODScale. More...
class  osgViewer::ToggleSyncToVBlankHandler
 Event handler for toggling SyncToVBlank. More...
class  osgViewer::ScreenCaptureHandler
 Event handler that will capture the screen on key press. More...
class  osgViewer::ScreenCaptureHandler::CaptureOperation
 Abstract base class for what to do when a screen capture happens. More...
class  osgViewer::ScreenCaptureHandler::WriteToFile
 Concrete implementation of a CaptureOperation that writes the screen capture to a file. More...
class  osgViewer::InteractiveImageHandler
 InteractiveImage is an event handler that computes the mouse coordinates in an images coordinate frame and then passes keyboard and mouse events to it. More...


 The osgViewer library provides high level viewer functionality designed to make it easier to write a range of different types of viewers, from viewers embedded in existing windows via SimpleViewer, through to highly scalable and flexible Viewer and Composite classes.



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