OpenSceneGraph  3.5.1
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GLObjects File Reference
#include <osg/Referenced>
#include <osg/GL>
#include <list>
#include <string>


class  osg::GraphicsObject
class  osg::GraphicsObjectManager
class  osg::GLObjectManager


 The core osg library provides the basic scene graph classes such as Nodes, State and Drawables, and maths and general helper classes.


#define OSG_GLOBJECTS   1


OSG_EXPORT void osg::flushDeletedGLObjects (unsigned int contextID, double currentTime, double &availableTime)
 Flush all deleted OpenGL objects within the specified availableTime. More...
OSG_EXPORT void osg::flushAllDeletedGLObjects (unsigned int contextID)
 Flush all deleted OpenGL objects. More...
OSG_EXPORT void osg::deleteAllGLObjects (unsigned int contextID)
 Do a GL delete all OpenGL objects. More...
OSG_EXPORT void osg::discardAllGLObjects (unsigned int contextID)
 Discard all OpenGL objects. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define OSG_GLOBJECTS   1

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