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Dragger File Reference
#include <osgManipulator/Constraint>
#include <osgManipulator/Command>
#include <osg/BoundingSphere>
#include <osg/MatrixTransform>
#include <osgUtil/SceneView>
#include <osgUtil/IntersectVisitor>
#include <osgGA/GUIEventAdapter>
#include <osgGA/GUIActionAdapter>


class  osgManipulator::DraggerTransformCallback
class  osgManipulator::PointerInfo
class  osgManipulator::Dragger
 Base class for draggers. More...
class  osgManipulator::CompositeDragger
 CompositeDragger allows to create complex draggers that are composed of a hierarchy of Draggers. More...


 The osgManipulator library is a NodeKit that extends the core scene graph to support 3D interactive manipulators.




OSGMANIPULATOR_EXPORT void osgManipulator::computeNodePathToRoot (osg::Node &node, osg::NodePath &np)
 Computes the nodepath from the given node all the way up to the root. More...
void OSGMANIPULATOR_EXPORT osgManipulator::setDrawableToAlwaysCull (osg::Drawable &drawable)
 Culls the drawable all the time. More...
void OSGMANIPULATOR_EXPORT osgManipulator::setMaterialColor (const osg::Vec4 &color, osg::Node &node)
 Convenience function for setting the material color on a node. More...

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