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GraphicsThread File Reference
#include <osg/OperationThread>
#include <osg/State>


class  osg::GraphicsThread
 GraphicsThread is a helper class for running OpenGL GraphicsOperation within a single thread assigned to a specific GraphicsContext. More...
struct  osg::GraphicsOperation
struct  osg::SwapBuffersOperation
 SwapBufferOperation calls swap buffers on the GraphicsContext. More...
struct  osg::BarrierOperation
 BarrierOperation allows one to synchronize multiple GraphicsThreads with each other. More...
struct  osg::ReleaseContext_Block_MakeCurrentOperation
 ReleaseContext_Block_MakeCurrentOperation releases the context for another thread to acquire, then blocks waiting for context to be released, once the block is release the context is re-acquired. More...
struct  osg::BlockAndFlushOperation
struct  osg::FlushDeletedGLObjectsOperation
class  osg::RunOperations
class  osg::EndOfDynamicDrawBlock


 The core osg library provides the basic scene graph classes such as Nodes, State and Drawables, and maths and general helper classes.



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