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GraphicsContext File Reference
#include <osg/State>
#include <osg/GraphicsThread>
#include <osg/Timer>
#include <vector>


class  osg::GraphicsContext
 Base class for providing Windowing API agnostic access to creating and managing graphics context. More...
struct  osg::GraphicsContext::ScreenIdentifier
struct  osg::GraphicsContext::Traits
 GraphicsContext Traits object provides the specification of what type of graphics context is required. More...
struct  osg::GraphicsContext::ScreenSettings
 Simple resolution structure used by WindowingSystemInterface to get and set screen resolution. More...
struct  osg::GraphicsContext::WindowingSystemInterface
 Callback to be implemented to provide access to Windowing API's ability to create Windows/pbuffers. More...
struct  osg::GraphicsContext::SwapCallback
struct  osg::GraphicsContext::ResizedCallback
class  osg::SyncSwapBuffersCallback


 The core osg library provides the basic scene graph classes such as Nodes, State and Drawables, and maths and general helper classes.



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